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Are you buying an older condo, house or townhouse in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey or Richmond?  For the money you’ve spent, you deserve to move into a sparkling, modern home.  We can flip your home from outdated to on-point in a matter of days at surprisingly affordable rates.

Renovations can seem scary.  Everyone who has seen a house flipping show on TV knows what nightmares can happen – strangers come in your house, rip out cabinets, things leak, mold is everywhere, the ceiling starts to fall in, trades people you paid in advance disappear with all your money, and months laters you’re left in a war zone, clinging to sanity by a string.

Let me paint you a completely different picture…  You go away for a week-long vacation, enjoy yourself, and come home to new floors, new carpet, new paint, new cabinets, new bathrooms, new everything… your house, top to bottom is fresh and clean and new.  Sound impossible?  It isn’t, and here’s why…

Forget the disaster reno TV shows and think more about the shows where a big team of people flips the house while the couple is away so they come home to a small miracle.  If we can get access to your home for anywhere from 3 to 7 days straight, in one shot, we can give it a complete facelift.  Why?  Because we focus on key changes that give you the most modern look in the least amount of time and we dedicate our entire team to you instead of sending one trade one week, one trade the next week, etc… We’re able to pull off a fast and efficient facelift on your home. 

Efficiency is what we are all about.  You’ve seen it on home flipping shows…  Why rip out all your cabinets and sell you new ones while waiting a month for them to come in, when we could sand and paint your current ones and be done in a long weekend?  Time saved = money saved.  We prefer to do many excellent quick jobs that save our clients money rather than long dragged out ones, and we’ve built a team who specialize in fast turn around.

Everyone says – Good, Fast, Cheap… you can only pick two.  

We like to say – Good, Efficient, Affordable… and you can have all three.

If you like what you’ve read so far, keep reading and we’ll explain some of the key areas we focus on that will create a new look for your home in the least amount of time.



  • Paint.  This is the obvious one.  We can help you pick fresh, modern paint colours that will give you an instant new look to match your style.
  • Fixing chips, dings, holes and drywall scratches.  Damage to walls and doors will make your home feel old and worn out.  Fortunately, most are easy to fix.
  • Lighting fixtures.  Out with the old, in with the new.  Daylight balanced LED fixtures will not just make your home look modern, they will save you money in the long run.
  • Toilets.  Let’s face it, old toilets are GROSS.  We don’t need to say more.  You know.
  • Door knobs.  These are often overlooked, but fresh ones go a long way to a new look.
  • Sinks.  If you have a newer place, you can often change just the faucets and have a fresh look, but older sinks can be swapped out easily as well.
  • Window treatments.  Old blinds are almost always ugly, faded or so dirt crusted that it is usually easier just to buy new ones.  
  • Appliances.  If it is in the budget, new kitchen appliances are always a great idea and we’re happy to guide you through the options.
  • Backsplash.  Replacing a counter is not cheap.  Replacing a backsplash is.  If you don’t want to tear out your countertop (some older ones still look good) then a modern backsplash is a good fix.
  • Kitchen cabinets.  Often, just replacing the doors and repainting the cabinets can do wonders and saves time of ripping them all out.
  • Flooring.  Sometimes flooring can be refreshed without replacing it, but other times it just has to go.  A new floor will look amazing in your home and you’ll enjoy it every day you look at it.  Just note that it will increase the overall renovation schedule.
  • All the little things… It’s funny how often the little things can make your home look tired and worn out, or new and fresh.  A yellowing 40 year old thermostat can be replaced by a new digital one in minutes.  Rusted hinges on a door that squeak will annoy you every time you open it.  Dated popcorn ceilings.  Gold trim on anything.  We can go through your new place with you and help pick out everything that you’d like to see gone and replaced.


The average price of having us refresh a 2-3 bedroom condo in the Vancouver area can be anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000.  Now of course, you can spend $200,000 easily if you want to gut the place completely and start from scratch, but if you’re looking for a refresh rather than a rebuild, it can be very cost effective and give you the feel of a full renovation for a fraction of the price.

But wait, doesn’t every contractor and reno company quote a minimum of $20,000 just for a single bathroom and $50,000 and up for a kitchen?  Yes and rightfully so!  But here’s the difference… A full reno requires demolition, re-design from the ground up, re-plumbing and re-wiring, re-framing and drywall, permits and inspections, which leads up to months of work, spread between multiple sub-contractors who all need to get paid.

Our key to speed is to focus on the things that give you the most cost effective changes, with the minimum amount of time required.  Here are some sample prices and scopes of work for renovations in Vancouver condos that we’ve done.  Note that fixtures such as toilets, faucets, handles, shelving and lighting are generally up to the client to choose, so we usually do not include them in quoted prices, as they can be very cheap or very expensive, depending on what you choose.  Part of our design process is helping you choose items that look great and come in under your budget.




2 bedroom Vancouver condo built in 1988

Turn around time 3 days


  • Formation of design plan with client, order materials
  • Patching and sanding of drywall damage
  • Filling in and sanding wood trim damage
  • Painting kitchen, living room, bathroom, halls, 2 bedrooms
  • Re-caulk bathtub/shower
  • Replacing light fixtures in bathrooms, dining room, hallways, bedrooms




2 bedroom Burnaby condo built in 1995

Turn around time 4 days


  • Formation of design plan with client, order materials
  • Patching and sanding of drywall damage
  • Filling in and sanding wood trim damage
  • Painting kitchen, living room, bathroom, halls, 2 bedrooms
  • Paint kitchen cabinets & install new handles
  • Replace kitchen faucet
  • Re-caulk bathtub/shower
  • Replace light fixtures in bathrooms, dining room, hallways, bedrooms
  • Replace door handles
  • Install new kitchen backsplash
  • Steam clean carpets




3 bedroom Vancouver condo built in 1993

Turn around time 6 days


  • Formation of design plan with client, order materials
  • Patching and sanding of drywall damage
  • Filling in and sanding wood trim damage
  • Painting kitchen, living room, 3 bathrooms, halls, 3 bedrooms, walk in closet
  • Replace kitchen cabinet doors & install new handles
  • Painting bedroom doors
  • Replace light fixtures in bathrooms, dining room, hallways, bedrooms, kitchen
  • Replace kitchen faucet
  • New backsplash installation
  • Install all new toilets
  • Install new bathroom faucets
  • Re-caulk bathtub/shower
  • Replace door handles
  • Install new blinds in bedrooms and living room
  • Install new shelving in bedroom closets
  • Steam clean carpets
  • Polish wood floors
  • Install new tile in foyer


These are just samples of our most common fast refreshes.  As you can see, you can choose as much or as little as you want done and we will customize the project to you.

Here are the most common questions we get asked:

Q: I live in a condo, do I need strata permission for this?

A: In general, all our renos are strata friendly, quiet, and with rare exceptions will not require specific permissions, other than access to your place.  You should of course notify your strata that you will have trades people on site while we are there.

Q: You seem to be very condo focused, do you do houses as well?

A: We definitely do townhouses and houses as well, we just happen to do a lot of condos as there are a whole lot of condos in the Vancouver area.  Prices are really based on square footage, so if your place is double the square footage, it’s probably going to cost about double as well.  

Q: What about permits that I hear about on TV shows all the time?

A: Permits are definitely required when you change fundamental things in your home.  For example, if you want to move your stove to the other side of the kitchen, it will require changing the venting and the electrical system.  This is a fundamental change and will require a permit and an inspection.  If you want to split your bathtub into a tub and shower, it will require changing the plumbing, which will require a permit and inspection.  The purpose of this is to make sure things are done right and nothing floods or catches on fire, but it adds quite a bit of time to your reno.  That’s why we focus on keeping what you have where it is, but making it new and fresh. 

Q: Couldn’t I just get someone off Craigslist to do this cheaper?

A: You can always find someone to do anything cheaper, but you’ll need different trades for multiple parts of the project, then you have to manage them, get the supplies, pick and order fixtures with lead time, try to coordinate the flooring person to work with the painters, get the fixture installations timed after the painter, and just when you think it’s all ready to go… the flooring person gets a better job and pushes you back by 2 weeks, stalling the whole thing.  This is why there are a lot of bald contractors.  :)  We solve this by having our whole team in house, so what you are paying for is a smooth moving machine that focuses on you specifically and won’t bump you if a more important job comes along.  You walk out the door and when you walk back in, it’s just like the reveal on a TV show.

Q: Do we have to be gone while you do the reno?

A: No, you can definitely stay in your home, but we do get a lot of people who want to spring a surprise on their spouse, or have purchased an older condo (or house) and want it looking fresh and new before they move in.  The only downside to staying at home while we work is that we have to move furniture around and you’ll be in a bit of a construction zone for a while so it does take away some of the fun of the big “surprise” reveal.  Often people will just go to a hotel or relatives for the week as working around people being home often adds to the job time, which adds to the cost.  

Q: I want to surprise my spouse and don’t have a whole week, what can you do over a weekend?

A: As long as we can spend some extra time with you planning, we can do a lot!  As long as there isn’t major drywall repair needed, we can usually get a reasonably sized place painted, fixtures changed, new caulking in, carpets cleaned, sometimes a backsplash.

Q: I’m interested, but what’s the process?

A: In general, it works like this:

  1. Email us photos of the space you want to refresh and any thoughts you have, we’ll email you back with some ideas of what we would do.
  2. Once we have a general idea, we work out a rough budget and timing with you, then do an on site visit to make a more detailed scope of work as to exactly what we can get done in the time and budget you want to work with.  We then lock in the date.
  3. Shopping trip!  We admit, this is kind of fun.  Off to the home improvement store of your choice with your project manager to pick out paints, flooring, lighting, faucets, whatever you want to change.
  4. Project start… Assuming you are not home during the reno, our team will roll in on day one for “demolition” which really just means getting rid of anything that’s not going back in, whether it is drapes or toilets or old lights.  All your on site furniture gets wrapped for safety.
  5. The reno begins!  Drywall, paint, flooring begin at full speed, then cabinetry and fixtures next.  
  6. The final step is any last minute touches and cleaning so it looks new when you come in the door and see it for the first time.


Q: I’m really interested now!  But I’m not sure I want to fully commit… how do I get more information or ask some questions?

A: Easy, just like we said above, email us some pictures to: _____________  A picture is worth a thousand words.

Contact us today and tomorrow* the only thing

you’ll have left of your old home’s look are photos.

*not actually tomorrow of course!




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